The Choir of Man



March 27th – May 26th, 2024

A Rollicking Good Time!— Chicago Sun-Times

Endlessly enthusiastic— Chicago Tribune

Not to be missed!— WGN Behind the Curtain

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Call for Tickets: 773.935.6100

For parties of 10 or more, contact Group Tix and Tours: 312.423.6612

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This is THE CHOIR OF MAN, an uplifting celebration of community and friendship where everyone is welcome! It’s a party…it’s a concert…it’s a theater experience unlike any before.

Set in the best pub in the world, a cast of nine (extra)ordinary guys combine hair raising harmonies, foot stomping singalongs, world class tap dance, and poetic meditations on the power of community. Featuring pop, classic rock, folk melodies, and pub anthems from artists such as Adele, Paul Simon, Katy Perry, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Luther Vandross and more, THE CHOIR OF MAN is 90 minutes of feel good entertainment that has something for everyone and is unlike anything else in Chicago!

With a real working bar on stage, come ready to drink in the excitement. Raise a glass with us… Cheers!

THE CHOIR OF MAN is recommended for ages 10+.

Call for Tickets: 773.935.6100


#1 Behave with respect, the management’s word is final

‍The Jungle is a place for sharing, community and kindness. Treat our staff and each other with tolerance and respect. We’ll assume any issues are misunderstandings but don’t push it or you will be asked (tolerantly and respectfully) to sling your hook, like you would in any other good pub!

‍#2 Join us for a drink?

‍The Jungle has a working pub on stage which serves beer. You can purchase a pint before the show, as long as you’re 21 or older. Drink responsibly and enjoy your Chicago debut!

‍#3 What a picture!

‍We’re not a traditional theatre show (if you hadn’t guessed by now!) Take (good) pictures, take (great) SHORT videos and join us on stage (when we ask you to…) Share, share, share! Just keep your flash off when the show is going on PLEASE!

‍#4 Enjoy yourselves!

‍You can absolutely sing along (not too loud though, use your inside voice) but try to resist dancing in the aisles. Respect the rest of the guests in The Jungle and try not to go too over the top. Hecklers risk being asked to leave (it’s never as funny as you thought it was). Don’t drink too much and get overexcited or you’ll be barred… end of.

‍#5 Keep your hands to yourselves!

‍We invite audience members up on stage (don’t worry, it’s not enforced) and our cast will come into the auditorium. The lads are hard at work so please respect that, don’t touch them and they won’t touch you. Break that rule and you’ll be out before the songs over.

‍#6 If in doubt, refer to Rule 1