Dylan Brody’s Driving Hollwood

May 3rd – 20th 2017 in the Apollo Studio Theater

Wednesdays through Saturdays at 8pm

Tickets: $25
Limited $35 VIP* tickets available!
*guaranteed first row seating, plus a post-show meeting & greet and photo op



Award-winning Los Angeles comedian Dylan Brody brings his new show, “Dylan Brody’s Driving Hollywood” to the Apollo Studio!
Directed by Nancy Carlin & produced by Blue Panther Productions, the show takes us on a journey with Brody as he drives to the biggest Hollywood meeting of his life. In a town where success and fame is constantly almost happening, Brody lifts our spirits and unites our common dreams in this very funny story of passion, heartbreak and a spark of hope at the intersection of art and commerce.

Driving into Hollywood to meet with a major player who could change everything, award-winning humorist & actor Dylan Brody remembers his boyhood in the downtrodden town of Schuylerville, New York, where he carried around Marvel comics tucked into Dostoevsky’s “Crime and Punishment” and was a regular visitor to the principal’s office for challenging his teachers’ assertions about the superiority of democracy and the underlying philosophies of second-grade hierarchies. Brody’s father, a professor at Skidmore College, also a regularly invited guest at the office at Schuylerville Central School, warned him that the American educational system was not his son’s responsibility to fix, but applauded him for trying.
Witty, inventive, and always playful, Brody employs his signature structure of literary flashback and comedic callbacks to lead us through his absurdist childhood in a throwback town where the mayor begrudgingly acknowledged the family’s arrival by amending the sign at the town’s border to read: “Welcome to Schuylerville, Population 984… and some Jews,” to his early professional and artistic disappointments in the entertainment industry and on into his adult life as a comic and writer in Los Angeles.

Actor and writer Dylan Brody is one of America’s leading humorists. He has performed in Los Angeles, New York and many other cities with the comedy world’s biggest stars, including Louis C.K, Jerry Seinfeld, and Robin Williams. Dylan opened for bestselling author and humorist David Sedaris in Berkeley, San Diego, and Los Angeles and has appeared on A&E’s Comedy on the Road, FOX TV’s Comedy Express, and Showtime’s The Green Room with Paul Provenza. With an ever-expanding repertoire of hilarious and profound tales of his journey through life, six albums and four published books, Dylan continues to receive invitations to perform for crowds all over the world. You can soon see Dylan on NextUp Comedy!


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